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Diori 3/3
By Laurence Meredith

London (upi) — Président Hamani Diori of Niger arrived today on a five-day official visit to Britain which could play-an important part in future peace mediation efforts in the nigerian civil war .

Althougn the visit has been long-arranged , President Diori’s presence in London has been given important significance because it consides with prime ministre Harold Wilson’s visit to Lagos for talks with the Nigerian federal leader maj.gen. Yakusu Gowon and his peace-making talks offer to lt. col . odumeg wu ojukwu , the Biafran military leader .

Diori is an important political leader of the french-speaking African states as the head of a heighboring state with the Longest frontier with strife-torn Nigeria .

Since 1966 Diori has been chairman of ocam (the afro-malagasy common organization which includes 12 formes french colonies , two former Belgian colonies and mauritius , a former Britich Colony.) As a predominantly Moslem central African state adjoining Nigeria’s Moslem North and people of Niger has considerable kinchip with northern Nigeria . But French influence in Africa has swuung to the side of Brekaway Biafra in the Nigerian civil . War and two important french-speakaway Biafra in the Nigerian civil war and two important french-speaking African states - ivory coast and gabon have récoghized Biafra .

President Diori is thus in an important haleway position to play a mayor part in any future mediation efforts .


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