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Mr Maurice Seroussi 22nd April 1968
33 Rue Galilee
Paris 16eme

Dear Maurice,

We were absolutely delighted of your visit to us here in Gloserville and in spite of its short duration. I still consider that we have accomplished a great deal. among the sujetcts especially discussed in great details wais the Pickling Plant in the Republique du Niger and we have made it clear to you before you left that we are very much agreament of the whole project, especially if the niger Government could agree to conditions as discussed for the fulfilment of the project in a most successful manner.

After you left New York, I got in touch with the leading users of this tyne of skin and have found great encouragement from them, so that i feel that there would be no problem in disposing of the entire production. They demonstrated great confidence that the project would be andled by you and especially that the skins will be pickled by you under the existing formula, which skins find find a good demand on this market for the glove industry. I have taken the liberty to inform them that tentatively it would be possible to supply them with pickled skins in 1969. That is the reason why I would like to hear from you positively about this project and when do you think we can start production.

Daisy and Joseph send you their love as well as Rosie and would appreciate very much to hear from you as soon as possible.

Ever Yours,

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